Buying Toys in Bulk from China

No matter how many toys you buy, you can never have enough! There is always one that is missing. What kind of toys should a child get first? Toys help develop attention and motor skills in toddlers. From rattles to radio-controlled models – everything can be brought from China, retail and wholesale. Anyone interested in making a wholesale order of toys from China would be at a loss for words when they have to select the toys that they want, because the selection is so large!

As with any other product from China, there are different price tiers for products which correspond to the quality of the product. The cheaper the price, the more compromised the quality becomes, however, there is a sweet sport right in the middle of the two factors. Products for children from China wholesale and retail are ordered continuously, regardless of the season of the year. But before the New Year holidays, children’s toys come from China in large batches. Wholesale buyers know that the lowest prices can be found where goods are not sold for export. Of course, you don’t have to fly out to China in order to do this. Toys from China in bulk can be ordered remotely by buying goods on Internet sites like the well-known AliExpress. The downside of this approach is calculating the exact costs for your orders, because of all the shipping and handling fees along with the taxes.

Buying Novelty Items from China

Beautiful knickknacks are always in high demand all over the world. Whether you’re looking for something small and simple to something large and complex for your business, you can surely source it from China for a fraction of the cost than other countries. China is the top country for sourcing novelty items and goodies for nationalities all over the world.

Any time you go to a resort or tourist attraction, you are sure to find a gift shop and without a single doubt in mind, it will be manufactured in China. The Chinese manufacturers simply can’t be beat when it comes to wholesale orders and discounts. The business owners in China value a long-lasting business relationship with their clients. It is advisable to build a great relationship with your suppliers of choice from China, because they will take better care of your orders and respond to your inquiries faster.

Ensuring your order arrives safely

Finding a person who is fluent in Chinese, is able to find the right factory and make an order for you is not enough in order to be successful in the import/export business. A reliable intermediary can be a company that deals with logistics between your country and the Middle Kingdom. Your intermediary company should have an office or representatives in your country and China as well. The intermediary company is able to purchase the goods at the cheapest possible Chinese prices and can then deliver them to you via the shipping channel of your choice!

It is very important that the goods reach intact. In wholesale purchases that are made for resale, the packaging quality of the product matters just as much as the quality of the product itself. It must have a marketable appearance, otherwise you can experience a noticeable dip in your expected earnings. In this sense, soft toys from China are easier to deliver than play sets packed in plastic, but the tightness of the container must also be considered. Low quality packaging puts your goods at great risk of being damaged or even worse – destroyed, especially if you’re doing a partial container order and you have to share the container with other importers! Always do your due diligence and make sure that your product and packaging are up to par.


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