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Looking to Recruit teachers for your school?

Let us help you!

Matching employers with foreign teachers

We work with foreign teachers and Chinese employers to fill open teaching positions all over China.

Quality teachers to fill any requirement

We supply qualified teachers that are eligible for Z visas. We supply not only English teachers, but also subject teachers.

Assistance at every step

We offer assistance with the entire process from finding teachers, assisting with interviews and finalizing the process.

Hire teachers that wants to keep improving

Our teachers are eager to continue improving their teaching skills and earn further accreditations and degrees.

Our teachers come from all over the world and offer their unique personalities and teaching abilities.

Native English speakers for positions of English teachers. Bachelors and Masters degree holders for teaching subjects in schools and universities.

United States


South Africa


New Zealand






What countries are your teachers from?

Our teachers come from a wide variety of countries. Our top 9 countries can be seen above. We have a growing list of nationalities.

Can I request to have white teachers Only?

You can request teachers from certain countries, but we do not discriminate against applicants based on skin color or gender. 

What's the process for getting teachers?

Please be sure to prepare the following: 

  1. Official name of your school
  2. Location of the school
  3. What subject teacher are you looking for?
  4. Salary range for the open position
  5. What is the preferred nationality of your teacher?
  6. Any additional details that you wish to provide to us.

How do you look for teachers?

We compile all your provided information into a job advertisement and distribute it through our communication channels with prospective teachers. 

We filter applicable teachers based on your requirements. After you narrow down the list to 3 candidates based on their introduction videos and credentials, we set up video interviews to finalize the decision. 


Where do we communicate?

All communication takes place over the instant messaging platform WeChat. If you don’t have a WeChat account yet, please download it here:

What does it cost?

The cost of our teacher sourcing service differs on a case-to-case basis. Each school/center require a certain type of teacher for different subjects. 

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