Global Import and Export Business

Many countries are focused on strengthening their economy.  There are currently three major global economic powers: China, United States and Russia. These countries maintain a careful balance of goods that they import and export. 

The current global trade environment presents many opportunities for wealth. It is important for each country to capitalize on their national strengths. As a result, the countries are able to build long-lasting partnerships and trade alliances around the world.

China's Current Global Standing

It is impossible to deny China’s dominance in the world economy. China is ranked as the number 1 exporter and number 2 importer. Chinese imports and exports are growing at a continuous rate. Thus, strengthening their position as the global import and export leaders. 

The rate of Chinese imports of foreign goods is always expanding into new categories of goods. The Chinese consumers love foreign foods and goods of excellent quality. Exporting your goods to China will help build rapport within the global economy. 

export to China