Industries in China

China is the world’s number one manufacturer and by a large margin. With an exports value of over $130 billion, China plans on solidifying their position in the global economy. China’s infrastructure makes great progress regularly and thus expands the country’s production capabilities. As the production capabilities increase, more 

Whether it’s oil or gas from PetroChina, cars and trucks from SAIC Motor, household appliances from Gree Electric Appliances, or cell phones and computers from Quanta Computer, you are sure to find the products you are looking for. 

Importing from China and outsourcing manufacturing of your products to China presents endless opportunities. Businesses and individuals are able to create new channels of revenue and reduce their costs of production. Taking the initiative of doing business in China will prove to be profitable within a short time period and the financial rewards will be continuous. 

Key Industries for Import from China

CNSourcingSolutions is rapidly adding new companies and factories to their supplier network. We only work with trusted, verified and responsible manufacturers. 
Refer to the key industries list provided below to get started with content relating to your industry of choice. If you do not find your industry in the list below, don’t worry! Just get in touch with us and we will provide you with our services.  
Industries in China