Import from china

Importing from China

We help our customers import from China to destinations all around the world.  Our team leverages our worldwide connections and partnerships in order to help reduce paperwork, cut costs, and increase your profits! 

The services team navigates the latest regulations, minimizes paperwork, expedites transit, and lowers shipping costs. So you can be confident that our convenient and reliable services will help you complete your order with ease. 

Increased Profits

Our team works hard to ensure that your products are manufactured on time and within your budget.

Global perspective

We understand that our clients come from all over the world. It is our duty to take on a holistic approach.

Multi-lingual support team

You can rest assured that we have your back with our multi-lingual support team. Our team speaks, English, Russian, Ukrainian and Chinese. You're in good hands.

Message us!

If you have an idea for a product, then you're already halfway there. Now you just need to send us an inquiry to start the process.

Sourcing for shipping companies

We ca serve as consultants to shipping companies who wish to provide Chinese products for their customers but are not sure of where to source from.

Your China-based representatives

If you wish to have a representative directly in China or you need to conduct a factory inspection, we can do it for you.

Import from China Process

CNSourcingSolutions Sourcing Process

How to Import from China step-by-step

Step #1

You need to send us a detailed request which includes your name, business sector that you wish to source for, the product that you wish to produce/source. 

Step #2

We begin to reach out to our network of factories (also factories outside of our partners) and inquire about the products that you wish to produce/source. Then we receive the initial quotes from the factories. 

Step #3

After the initial quotes are received, we begin the negotiations process, in order to get you the most value for your money. 

Step #4

Once the negotiations have been completed, we create the offer documents from each factory and submit them for your review. 

Step #5

After reviewing the offers from the factories, we encourage the customer to sample the product(s) from multiple factories in order to check the quality.

Step #6

Once the samples have been delivered, we give you time to review everything. We share your feedback with the factory in order to improve their future work. 

Step #7

You have time to review the product quality from the factories and have the option of requesting more samples from the factories. You then finalize the factory selection based on your preference.

Step #8

We then must pay the factory the minimum amount required to begin production. For our services, we charge a commission of 0.5-3% of the total order cost, which depends on the size of the order. 

NOTE: The MOQ for each product is different. We provide personalized quotes for each client. 

Step #9

The factory completes the order, it is checked for quality, packaged up and awaits to be taken to the shipping facilities.

You must clear the remaining balance and the rest of the the 0.5-3% commission prior to loading of the goods. 

Step #10

We arrange for your order to be taken from the factory and transported to the loading facility of your choice: sea, land, air. The freight forwarder then loads your goods on board and sends them on their way to your location of choice. 

Step #11

You receive your goods in a timely manner at the destination that you selected during the main order phase. 

Step #12

We hear out your feedback, comments and concerns regarding your order and then do everything within our power to ensure even better service for the next order. We are always striving for continuous partnerships. 

Shipping Options

Ocean Freight

Ocean freight is the cheapest and most common form of international shipping. We understand the value of volume shipping. We recommend the fastest sailing at the best possible rate, with none of the hassle. Our team offers free quotes to help you decide on a shipping method that would be best for your order.

Ground Shipping

CNSourcingSolutions is able to meet all your trucking logistics requirements when it comes to Less-Than-Truckload (LTL), and Full Truckload (FTL) shipments. We will help you navigate through the vast network of trucking partners to deliver your order ASAP.

Air Freight

Our Air Freight products and their customizable options provide flexibility for your order. We understand the urgency of your cargo and can offer immediate assistance for all of your air freight needs. CNSourcingSolutions will get your goods there on time and on budget.

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