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Looking to teach in china?

Let us help you!

We would love to help match you with fantastic teaching opportunities all across China.

Matching employers with foreign teachers

We work with foreign teachers and Chinese employers to fill open teaching positions.

Background checks on all employers

We perform a thorough background check of all employers that register with us on our app.

***Dishonest employers will be placed on a published blacklist and teachers will be warned about the company.***

Good salaries

Our registered employers offer salaries starting from 12,000RMB - 20,000RMB+

***Salaries depend on the city in which you wish to work and experience level.***

Expand education opportunities for teachers

Teachers can earn degrees and certificates through our partnered programs.

Travel abroad. Discover China. Gain New Experiences. Earn accreditations.

We are partnered with many schools, training centers and universities around China that are looking to hire foreign teachers.











Can I teach english if i am a non-native english speaker?

This is the most common question that we get and the answer is no. However, non-native English speakers are free to teach other subjects as long as they have a degree in the field and work experience.



What about the salary?

Salaries range from 14,000 RMB to 20,000 RMB (before tax), some positions offer free accommodations and some don’t.

The salary will depend on the type of employment institution, i.e. training center, public school or international school. The other factor will be the location. Tier 1 cities are far more expensive, therefore the salaries will be higher when compared to tier 3 cities.

What documents and certificates do I need to have?

Please be sure to prepare the following: 

  1. Updated CV (with picture)
  2. Scan of degree(s)
  3. Police clearance certificate
  4. Scan of your TEFL/TESOL certificate
  5. Self-introduction video (2-3 minutes) talking about your experience and why you’d like to come and teach in China.
  6. Any additional scans of awards or certificates that you would like to include

What is the process for your service?

We compile your degree, awards, certificates and introduction video(s) into a portfolio, we then share your portfolio with our network of partners and schools that are hiring. When there is interest in your application, we will help set up a video interview on WeChat between you and the interested school(s). 




How will you communicate with me?

All communication takes place over the instant messaging platform WeChat. If you don’t have a WeChat account yet, please download it here:

Do i have to pay for your service?

No! Our service are completely FREE. We earn a commission from our partners for the successful placement of teachers. 

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