About Us

China is the world leader when it comes to export services. China plays a key role in global markets. Therefore, it helps China continue to expand their imports businesses across China. Because of China’s growing economy, there are always opportunities to conduct business, import or export!

Many people are looking to move their production operations to China. But if you are worried that you may have missed your chance to do business in China, we have good news for you! It’s never too late to grow your business.

We provide import/export services for entrepreneurs and companies. We enable our customers to grow and develop their businesses. The experience of our team across a large number of industries allows us to quickly fulfill the requests of our clients. 

Source goods from China

Main Industries

Import lingerie from China
CNSourcingSolutions Chemicals Sourcing
Anabolic Steroids
Source car tires from China
Autoparts and Tires
Import clothing from China
Sourcing toys from China
Source sports equipment from China
Sports Equipment

Company Goals

CNSourcing Solutions team

Our Vision

  • Help every client start, build and grow their business.
  • Foster and nurture international relationships between factories, companies and entrepreneurs.
  • Assist every individual or company on their international venture.

Our Core Values

  • Ensure a high level of transparency
  • Practice honesty at every level of business
  • Respect and protect the environment
  • Meet the changing desires of the customer